The Japanese men’s football team sent the Second Team to participate in the East Asian Cup, including college players


The Japanese men’s football team sent the “Second Team” to participate in the East Asian Cup, including college players
The 2019 East Asian Cup is about to start on the 10th, and the Japanese team announced today the list of participants for this competition.Judging from the selected players, the Japanese team, like the national football team, sent a “National Second Team”.The Japan Football Association announced the list of men’s football in the East Asian Cup.Due to the current Europa League, the Japanese team did not recruit any players from Europe this time, basically based on local league players.It is worth mentioning that 12 of the 22 players of the Japanese team are of appropriate age for the Tokyo Olympics, that is, they are no more than 22 years old.Not only that, 10 players including Nakagawa Kazuto and Tanaka Bi were selected for the adult national team for the first time.In the friendly match where Japan ‘s National Olympics defeated Brazil 3-2 in October this year, Tanaka Bi staged the world ‘s second best game, and this time was also favored by the adult national team coach.Another player to watch is midfielder Junya Tanaka, the only college player among 22 players from Osaka Sports University.And the current striker Kaji Ueda, Kashima Antlers, is also a college player. In the fight, he represented the Japanese team as a player of the University of Law and Political Science. He participated in this year’s America’s Cup.Like the Japanese team, the Chinese team did not send all the main force of the adult national team this time, and almost played as the “second team”.The two teams of China and Japan will encounter in the first round on the 10th.In the 7th East Asian Cup of the Air Force, the Chinese team only scored 4 draws and 3 losses against the Japanese team.Editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreading Li Ming