OnePlus responds to Autumn Idea filter perspective issues through software upgrade suspension function


OnePlus responds to “Autumn Idea” filter perspective issues through software upgrade suspension function
On May 19, OnePlus 8 Pro’s “autumn” filter camera problem, OnePlus mobile phone responded through social media, decided to suspend the filter function through software upgrade, and will complete the push within one week.Recently, many netizens found that the modified filter camera has the perspective ability, and caused a lot of security discussions on the Internet.OnePlus said that when planning, it hopes to use this lens to perceive the characteristics of infrared light to provide users with a unique texture photography style effect.However, according to user feedback, it was found that under very specific environmental conditions, the filter lens may have a slight perspective effect on special materials at a very close distance.Since many users like the filter very much, they will adopt new technical solutions in the near future.However, OnePlus also stated that there are a lot of descriptions on Weibo about the perspective ability of this lens that are not in line with the facts. For the false pictures on Weibo, malicious public opinion guidance and personal attacks on OnePlus users, Which will pass laws to protect the rights of brands and users.Reporter Liang Chen edited Sun Yong proofreading Wang Xin