The Old Lady Uncle of the Shanghai audience is gone!Quyi Li Jiusong died at the age of 86


The “Old Lady Uncle” of the Shanghai audience is gone!Quyi Li Jiusong died at the age of 86
Sauna, Yewang was informed that, at 16:26 on January 29, Shanghai Intangible Cultural Heritage Project-Inheritance of One-Pedestrian Destinations, Member of China Quyi Artists Association, Member of Shanghai Quyi Artists Association, Shanghai One-Pedals Art Heritage(Shanghai People ‘s Comedy Troupe) Performing artist Mr. Li Jiusong died of illness at the Zhongshan Hospital in Shanghai at the age of 86.At the same time, the well-known TV host Cao Kefan also posted through his Weibo, “The Old Lady Uncle in the Heart of Shanghai People”.May Mr. Li Jiusong, a great man who has brought laughter to you all his life, go all the way.”Left one is Mr. Li Jiusong.The picture comes from Cao Kefan’s Weibo Li Jiusong, born in Haimen, Jiangsu. He was born in November 1934 and was born in a family of opera. His father was Li Mingyang, a predecessor of civilized drama.On stage performances, clever speaking, humorous language, clear sense of movement, great wisdom and foolishness, being tepid in attitude, easy-going, and winning praise from the audience, is a rare wizard in the comic industry. In his youth, Li Jiusong showed his extraordinary comical talents. He has won many awards in literary and artistic performances. He is particularly good at shaping the comedy art image of various small people.Play the small tolerance in the comic drama “Suzhou Two Tolerances”, and play the Alzheimer’s disease in “Filial Son”, all kinds of roles are beautiful and just right.He collaborated with others on the one-handed play “The Head is the Way” won the “Excellent Performance Award” in the Jiangnan Comic Contest, the one-handed play “Match Up” was selected for the first Shanghai Quyi Festival, the sketch “Bath” won the second prize in the Shanghai Drama Sketch, and the one-handed play “Marriage》 First prize for national comedy sketch. The TV series “Old Lady” starred by Li Jiusong topped the ratings and became a famous TV program on the TV station, so he became a well-known “old lady” in the Jiangnan region.Sauna, night net editor Liu Zhen Tian Ai Ni proofreading Wei Zhuo