World Table Tennis Championship Zhang Jike Xu Xin saved 2 match points and reversed the Japanese combination into the top 4_1


World Table Tennis Championship Zhang Jike Xu Xin saved 2 match points and reversed Japan’s combination into the top 4
On April 30, Beijing time, in the Suzhou World Table Tennis Championships men’s doubles quarter-finals, Zhang Jike/Xu Xin faced the Japanese combination Mori Masaru/Oshima Yuya.In the face of the secret weapon created by Japan for the Tokyo Olympics, Zhang Jike/Xu Xin fought hard in 7 innings, and after saving 2 match points, he defeated his opponent 4-3 and broke into the men’s doubles semifinals. The scores in seven innings are: 9-11, 11-8, 11-7, 9-11, 10-12, 11-9, 12-10.Another pair of Chinese fans, Fan Zhendong/Zhou Yu, swept South Korea 4-0 to advance.  In the first game, Zhang Jike/Xu Xin could hardly correct the slow fever, while Mori Park Masamoto/Oshima Yu also worked hard. Zhang Jike/Xu Xin lost the first game 9-11.In the second game, the Japanese combination continued unabated, and every time they scored, they shouted to cheer for themselves. Zhang Jike and Xu Xin were relatively silent, and the mistakes continued. The Japanese combination took a 7-5 lead.At this time, the slow-heating Chinese group gradually stabilized its position, overtaking the score with 8-7, and a Japanese player’s balloon again tied the score.Subsequently, Zhang Jike/Xu Xin became more and more tacit and pulled back 11-11.  In the third game, Zhang Jike/Xu Xin took the lead and scored a 4-0 start. However, the Japanese team immediately played a 5-0 small climax and took the color to overtake the score with 5-4.In the face of the fight of Mori Garden Masataka/Oshima Yuya, Zhang Jike/Xu Xin had the experience to score 4 points in a row after 7 draws, and won the third game 11-7.In the fourth game, Xu Xin served, and the Japanese team made short errors. Zhang Jike/Xu Xin took the lead.However, Zhang Jike/Xu Xin’s turnovers began to increase, while Mori Park Masahiro/Oshima Yu were on a steady footing, taking a 6-2 lead.The Chinese team called a timeout when the Chinese team chased the score to 5-6 after reducing the turnover.The two sides used the short adjustment of the suspension time to return to compete for more competition. The Japanese team bit the score tightly. After 9 draws, Zhang Jike made two consecutive serve errors and gave up the fourth inning.  In the crucial fifth game, Mori Park Masahiro/Oshima Yu also continued to take the tactics of fighting, with decisive strength, plus the favor of the goddess of fortune, Zhang Jike/Xu Xin could only chase the score hard, and the Japanese combination momentum increased greatly.He has won a lot of wonderful balls on the baseline.The two sides have been tied until 9 draws, the Chinese combination took the lead to get the game.In the face of the game, the Japanese teenager made a decisive shot and saved one game, and then returned two beautiful balls in a row to win the fifth game with 12-10.  In the sixth game, Zhang Jike/Xu Xin was forced to the edge of the cliff, but they didn’t seem to find a better way to tie the opponent 3-3.Taking advantage of his breathing opportunities, Zhang Jike/Xu Xin stabilized his mind and quickly opened the score to 7-3.Japan’s leading number of innings worked hard, chasing the score to 6-8, Liu Guoliang called a timeout.After the timeout, Zhang Jike/Xu Xin scored 2 rounds with 10-8. After wasting one round, Xu Xin grabbed the second round and won the key point of the bottom line to pull, taking 11-9In the next round, the big score was tied 3-3.  In the game of the tiebreaker, the competition between the two sides was extremely fierce. The score went from 1 draw to 4 draws. Zhang Jike’s backhand Nerala made a mistake and gave the Japanese team a 5-4 lead.Since then, the Japanese combination has gained momentum and has been in a leading state. Zhang Jike/Xu Xin is in a catch-up state again. After reaching 8 draws, the Japanese combination scored 2 points in a row to get the match point 10-8.After Zhang Jike/Xu Xin withstood the pressure and saved 2 match points, Zhang Jike made a contribution and overtake the score by 11-10.The Chinese team seized the first match point opportunity to win the tiebreaker 12-10, and thus defeated Morihiro Masamoto/Oshima Yuya 4-3 to enter the men’s doubles semifinals.The two will face South Korea’s Li Xiangxiu/Xu Xiande in the semifinals.  Fan Zhendong/Zhou Yu 4-0 (15-13, 13-11, 11-5, 11-8) defeated South Korean team Zheng Rongshi/Jin Minxi. The semi-finals will face No. 2 seed, Japan’s strong file Matsuhiri Kenta/Tanyu Takayuki.